I would like to order tiles for several members of my family. Can they be placed together on the Wall?

Yes, if they are ordered together. Please include a note with your tile applications and DD214s that you would like us to place these tiles together on the Wall.

What does the $125 include?

It includes the cost of the 4" x 12" absolute black granite tile, its engraving, and an amount set aside for the future maintenance of the Wall.

Can I order several tiles for my employees and have our company name placed on the tiles along with the individual's military information?

You can order several tiles for your employees and they can be placed together on the Wall if they are ordered at the same time. No company names are allowed on the tiles; each tile honors only the veteran and his or her military experience.

Can I request that my tile be placed in a specific location on the Wall?

No, that is simply not possible.

My social security number appears on the DD214. Do you need that to process my tile application?

No. You can remove that from the copy you send us.

Are you still accepting tile orders?

Yes! We will be adding tiles to the Wall for a long time. Currently, there are eight sections in the Wall.

We will notify you when your veteran's tile is going to be mounted. We hold ceremonies to honor the addition of our new heroes around Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

Will there be a guide to help me locate my veteran's tile on the Wall?

Yes. The location of tiles mounted on the Wall is noted on the Who's On the Wall page of this website.

I heard that a book is being written about the Alpine Wall of Honor. Is that true?

Yes. "Mission Honored - A Dream Achieved - True stories of the Veterans on the Alpine Wall of Honor" is now available for sale. Copies are available at Albertson's in Alpine. The book contains the stories of 83 of the heroes on the Wall of Honor. You can place an order for the book by clicking here.

My wife and I are both veterans. Can we order one tile for the two of us?

No. Each tile honors one veteran and his or her military experience. If you order a tile for each of you at the same time, your tiles can be placed next to each other on the Wall.

Additional questions?

Please send email to the Webmaster.